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Calm in the Midst of the Storm

Richard Rohr in a recent meditation writes, 'Jesus is not observing human suffering from a distance but is somehow in human suffering with us and for us. He also questions 'Could it be true that we 'make up in our bodies all that still has to be undergone for the sake of the Whole Body? Are we somehow partners with the divine?' and then concludes, 'Of course we are! In fact, I think that is the whole point.' I think Richard Rohr is right in his meditation. God does not leave us alone in our pain. He feels every bit of it with us if we only ask him to take it and surrender it to him. Arms outstretched He says 'I love you, give me your pain; I can handle it.' Likewise, we are called to unite ourselves with Jesus and do that for each other. In fact, that IS the whole point. So I say, 'I love you, give me your pain; with Jesus I can handle it.' Have a pain free day!


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