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     Our “Bloom Where You Are Planted” or funds to individuals or organizations who wish to grow a great idea to help others.  We also help small charities that do not often receive the financial support they need to serve the poorest of the poor in their communities. These local charities often make the difference between a meal or not eating, a clean bed or homelessness, personal hygiene kits or indignity. If you have an idea you wish to implement that will help others and/or you are a small charity in need of assistance and meet our eligibility requirements (please read to the right), we can help.  Send us a brief letter describing your project or your charity’s need, the amount you request to plant the seeds of charity in service to others, and the outcome you believe will take place if your work moves forward.

     If you are a philanthropist, existing donor or are able to contribute to our ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’ Program, click above to donate or partner with us. Your tax deductable gift means the world to these charities. These charities turn to El Shaddai Outreach, Inc. for help so they can provide assistance to families, mothers, and children who quite simply are in need of someone to care. No gift is too small or too large and all gifts represent an extraordinary goodness in the giver. This year alone due to the funds that we have been able to provide to Fresh Freedom Call in Newark through the Bloom Where You Are Planted Program, we have been able to restore dignity and provide hot meals to many homeless individuals in downtown Newark New Jersey.  El Shaddai is Hebrew meaning: The God who provides for all of our needs. We do God’s work when we extend a helping hand. We invite you to extend a helping hand and be a flower in our bouquet of support to local charities by making a needed contribution to El Shaddai.


Bloom Where You are Planted

Eligibility Requirements

The following eligibility requirements for donees must be met in order for a person or organization to be eligible to recieve assistance from El Shaddai Outreach, Inc.


  The donee must have a verifiable need.
• The donee must support human life.
• The donee must be a faith based ministry or organization.
• The donee must not be involved, support or be affiliated with terrorist activities.
• The donee must be willing and able to verify that they meet the above eligibility requirements
through means established by the board.

If the donee is accepted under the “bloom where you are planted” program then the ministry, outreach or organization has 6 months from their start to verify that they meet the eligibility requirements above in order to continue to receive funds.  The board with majority approval has the sole discretion to extend such period of time no further than one year.

To apply to become a donee or donee program under the Bloom Where You are Planted Program click on, complete and return the following

application form

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