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Eye Inside The Word and The Mission Field


This talk show starring Winnie Ihemaguba and Toni Ann Russo takes the viewer into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  The viewer is given a road map into a new life of unconditional love through scripture and missionary ministry.   The first episode of the show is dedicated to educating the viewer on scripture and the second and third episodes explore how scripture is revealed in our everyday life.

Episode 1

Experiencing the love of God and Unconditional love


Winnie Ihemaguba and Toni Ann Russo take you on a journey of love beyond ourselves to love with  unconditional love.  God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for our benefit and we can also  love God and Neighbor  radically and unconditionally.

Episode 2

The Kingdom of Heaven in the Here and Now


How do we receive the Love of God and be open to God operating in your life everyday.   How do we find that unconditional love that we have all been searching for.  How does the Holy Spirit allow us to transmit the Love of God to those around us in practice.


Episode 3

Fresh Freedom Call Ministry to the Homeless


Pastor Segun Adebo and Jeannie Settiembre team up to witness to the work being done in Newark New Jersey to meet the needs of the Hungry and Homeless.

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